About Us

A Little About Us

I first discovered the beauty of The Upper Yarra Valley area, through camping experiences in my adventurous teen years.  Its beautiful and rugged landscape never left my heart. I have had the opportunity to discover many off the beaten track treasures as well as the well-known spots enjoyed by tourists these past 100 plus years.

I wanted to share all of what this little part of the word has to give, mostly in the form of it’s majestic homage to the natural world.  So three decades on from those camping trips we have created a beautiful retreat where nature is never far away, with the mountains on your doorstep in fact. And having realised just how nature brings connection, joy and the most precious of memories with our loved ones and children, we wanted this to be the story behind Gingers.

Welcome to Gingers on the Hill.  A home away from home to explore, be delighted and surprised by, feel nurtured by and get just a little lost in its magic.

Thank you for sharing it with us.



To provide a unique and creative accommodation experience where guests feel nurtured through carefully thought out beautiful spaces, connected to nature through our invitation and information to explore it, enjoy a sense of local community productivity and history and to tread as lightly as possible on the environment in the process.