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Gingers on the Hill


Our charity

We wish that all of the Children of the world could experience the joy of magical childhoods, with fairy houses, cosy safe warm beds and the love of family. Of course, sadly this is far from reality this is we have tried to do our tiny bit to contribute.
It was always important for us to support a chosen charity with a monthly donation from the rental income of Gingers on the Hill. And we thank-you greatly for choosing to stay with us and helping us to do this. We also thought it was a way to spread the word of Project Rescue Children as it is understandably a very tough and confronting topic to consider. We think they do an amazing job with the limited resources and devastating scale of child trafficking and sex abuse. And we believe their work partnered with Destiny Rescue AU does important work on education for both parents and children on how we can protect our children, particularly on our ‘on-line environment’
If you feel so inclined, please do find out a little more about them.