Sustainability And Accessibility

Gingers on the Hill


We are continually working to improve our environmental footprint at Gingers. This currently involves looking carefully at every aspect of our accommodation business and making continual changes along the way.  It will take some time of course and we are determined to keep ourselves accountable.  Any feedback from guests is always welcome.

Some of our aims are to

  • Where safe and hygienic, eliminate or reduce single use plastics
  • Encourage guests to use our recycling and composting facilities
  • Use eco-friendly, natural and refillable cleaning products where possible.
  • Reduce our landfill waste
  • Use refillable all natural toiletries and eco friendly toilet and kitchen paper products
  • Choose products that are sustainable sourced and manufactured, ethically produced,  and are of made of natural and recycled materials and can be disposed of in a sustainable fashion.
  • Prioritise local and Australian business when sourcing any products.
  • Move towards using renewable energy for all our household needs.


We actively welcome all guests, including those that may have particular accessibility needs.

We aim to pass on as much information regarding the accessibility details of the property in our description and we welcome direct enquiries to ensure we can meet the needs of all our welcomed guests.

Gingers is an older style house so it has been limiting exercise during renovations to include accessibility features that some may require. Due it’s hilly sloped block, accessibility for wheelchairs or those with mobility needs may be an issue.  The house itself is all on one level, without any internal steps. We understand that our guests may have very varied accessibility needs so we have outlined as much detailed information as possible in this ‘Accessibility Document’ (Link to a PDF) .  Please don’t hesitate to clarify any questions with us.